Monday, March 20, 2017

Week 8A

Today in class we started out by going to Jerry's 144 class and mentoring a student for about 20 minutes. The student I paired up with was named Brenna. The project they are working on is creating their own trading cards. Brenna is creating her's around natural wonders of the world. Along with her cards she also created a little box to put them in. As we were looking at her cards she did have a few questions on how to make her images better. I suggested adding a few gradients here and there and maybe some more line work to add in detail but also keep the graphics simple. We also talked about when kind of paper she should print on and we both agreed a then card stock style would be best.

After that we went over  the next project which is creating a website for a non-profit organization.
Alina and I decided to work together for this second project so instead of three pages we need five for the final project.

We looked up and researched a bunch of different local organizations and finalized it to couple different ones to choose from:

  1. Aaron's Acres
  2. Marietta Restoration Association
  3. Pet Guardians
  4. KPETS
  5. Leg Up
Now we just have to decided which one we want to design a new website for!

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