Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Week 8: Outside the Classroom

Homework from 8A:
  • Read Visual Inventory by Dan Mull
  • Call non-profits and ask about site



I called KPETS to talk about their site and the person I talked to did not directly design the site but helped with the content that appears on it but even then I got some pretty good answers. At first I asked who visits the site most often and her response was that most of the time people who are looking to volunteer but they also get a good amount of people who are interested in what they do because they want to use their service, a few people who contact us are also interested in signing their pets up to become a therapy pet but that doesn't happen too often.

If you could change anything about the site, what would it be: she had to think about this a little but then told me she feels it could be organized a bit better, there is a lot of information on the site which is great but it could be better organized.

Pet Guardians:

I couldn't find a number for Pet Guardians so I sent them an email (only form of contact I could find) but I haven't heard from them yet so I checked out their website again and made a few assumptions based on what I saw.

Who uses it the most: people who are looking to adopt animals or volunteer

Why: they want to know more about the organization and how they can help, even if it's in  a different way than adopting a pet

What would you change: create a more structured layout and use better graphics (mix of photos and illustrations)

Homework from 8B:

  • Visual Inventory in InDesign (Alina and I split the work, we are each doing six)

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