Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Week 7A

During class I worked for the first hour or so on my website and then met with two people to critique each others' webpages.

I met with Sam and Leah.

This is what Sam had to say:
  • Create a larger header (the one I had originally was a little small she felt)
  • Incorporate more color into my design.
  • Photo gallery-> rearrange into a slide show
This is what Leah had to say:
  • Work on my spacing a bit, While things are spaced out, I could add in a little more white space to break things up a little more
  • She also commented on adding more color to my page.

So this is what I had at the end of class.

New header, a bit larger than the last.

I incorporated a slide show of images from the last Donut Fest onto the home page.

 I also created a footer (icons non-functional). I wanted the pink to look like icing and added a donut color as the base. I used the same pink as the nav bar from the top to tie them together.

For my vendors page I used the logos of each one as a link to their site. Later I added text underneath each one restating their name since a few of them are a little hard to read.

I also created a header for the Vendors page.

Last but not least I touched up the intro paragraph and added a button to purchase tickets.

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