Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Week 7B


For my final critique, a lot of the comments were what I figured they would be. Changing the font faces on the header and adding in the 21+ age limit to the header. I knew the comment about the font would come up. I'm not very good at picking the right font or pairing fonts up.

I also misspelled Donut on the original header...but I fixed it!

On the header the date and time are a bit to close to the side so that's just a matter of bringing them in more.

I also had a few comments on incorporating a little more creativity to my page such as creating my own map for the Contact page, adding color to the graphic on the homepage along with the icons.

I also had a comment about using the cursive font I used for headings a bit more throughout the page but also watching the different colors I used. I colored each header differently to sort of play off the colors of the sprinkles in the header but I can see how it didn't work as well as I thought it may.

I think I am definitely going to keep playing around with my webdesign for this event. I had fun playing with it and the comments I got during my critique helped me come up with some new ideas for what I have.

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