Sunday, February 5, 2017

Week 2B

Day of Design Presentations

9:15 - Alexander Reyna of MLB

Sports visualization

Ideation -> product design -> UX -> Marketed product
Research -> Understanding -> opportunity

User experience/ product design / motion design


engaging content

Technology: visual rep or stadium -> show play in different way with stats, breakdowns, position of players, trail of ball and players, etc

3D visualization of play during games -> gives viewers different look of games they've never seen before.

Prototype: real time data of ball trail/velocity, bat trail/velocity, tabs to click for more info on player, pitch box

Idea -> will power to create something out of nothing

Process: Sketch (feedback), Wireframe (feedback), Build (feedback)


Persona Development: get into head of user, talk about all aspects even if they have nothing to do with the design

Simple Rules:

Simplicity not complexity (people should "just get" design)

Honesty is Obvious (UX does not hide the truth

Users who trust you stay

Consistency = comfort

Create Delight (make product that just works right and surprise the user)

People love new experiences but you cannot build product on novelty alone

Rapid prototypes are more important than planning (with feedback)

12:15 - George Hakim

Creative Project Manager

Engineering the art of Storytelling



conveys info, experience and wisdom
visual communication

referenced important technology through history (words, printing press, camera, radio, music videos, viral videos, iPhone)

360 degree storytelling for training, etc

engage audience, share info

"The Golden Circle" -> what? How? Why?

Toyota -> Ask WHY 5 times for everything they do - core message

Root Cause analysis -> identify problems

Hoshin -> pay attention to long picture

Genchi Gen Butsu -> visual language

Know your audience -> user testing, customer comes first

Plan, Do, Check, Act ( Idea, create, test, refine)

Kaizen (continuous improvement)

Kiki/Bouba effect

Mieruha -> visual control

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