Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Week 3A

Today in class we started out by going over the high school presentations, Alina and I are going to be presenting at a school in Hershey.

After that a few students presented the website they chose to redesign and talked about their design objectives, the personas they made up, and any ideas they had for their website. Then each row went down the line to each person and presented our sites and ideas to the people in our row. We got feedback from each other which was extremely helpful.

Once we finished up with that we started coding (YEAY!) and learning how to create responsive webpage.


We ended up running out of time and didn't finish the whole thing but for homework Pannafino assigned a reading/short demo to do and that really helped explain how to create responsive webpages for different sized screens. I'm not sure if I did it correctly as far as the coding because my page doesn't really change but I know Pannafino will go over it more and it'll really click with me soon.

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