Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 2A

Today in class we started out by talking a little bit more about the high school presentations we need to do for class. We then had a few students present the websites they were looking at to redesign.

After that we rotated through the room looking at everyone else's options and voted on the best one for each person. In the end, the New York Lavender Fest was the one most voted for me, which is good because that was in my top two. The other website I was really interested in was the one for Chicago Donut Fest.

I definitely want to do the Lavender Festival. I feel like I can do a lot to redesign and recreate the page, incorporate my own photography and even make some fun graphics.

The Donut Fest I feel like to can do some cool stuff with as well but I feel like the Lavender Festival gives me more opportunities,

The rest of the class we had time to get started on the homework.

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