Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Studio Tour: The Industrial Resolution

On Monday, April 17th a group of us went into Lancaster City to take a tour of The Industrial Resolution office and talk to one of their members, Bri.

When we first got there, Bri went over a bit about what they do and the layout of the office. One thing I found really cool was the fact that their office space is completely open, no cubicles, just open desk groups they can move around. They have an open floor plan so that all of the workers there can communicate with each other about projects they are working on. Also, almost all of the walls of their office are whiteboard, so at any time you can get up and draw stuff out. Pretty cool! Before you get to the actual office space of The Industrial Resolution, they have an area for free lancers to rent out and work from.

After the tour of the office, we all sat down and talked to Bri a bit more, asking her questions mostly about post-graduation. She gave some really good advice about networking. She talked about getting out and meeting people, not necessarily "networking," but getting to know people in your field and keeping in contact with them. That's the advice I took in the most and definitely something I'm going to work on.

Overall it was a pretty cool experience and the office space is super cool!

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